Elite: Dangerous Scanning Payout Calculator

Based on formulae dervied by MattG of the Elite: Dangerous forums here.

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Max. Terraformable Bonus*:


With 50% First Discovery bonus:

*From MattG: For ELWs, they almost always get the full bonus. HMCs frequently get the full bonus. The few examples I've seen for terraformable Rocky Bodies all seem to have the maximum bonus. WWs though seem to be all over the place - sometimes getting the full bonus, sometimes getting no bonus at all and pretty much everything in-between. There are some patterns in which bodies get the full bonus or not, but nothing definitive.

These values only apply to bodies scanned with the Detailed Surface Scanner, after the 2.3 update was released. Any scans done prior to 2.3 will be cashed in at the old values.